T-Mobile is Slashing the Price of its 5G Home Internet by $10.

As a result, T-Mobile is reducing the price of its 5G-powered home internet service by $10, bringing it back to the $50 per month that it charged during the pilot programme. T-Mobile estimates that speeds will range from 35 to 115 Mbps, and you’ll get a router that turns 5G and LTE into Wi-Fi for $50 a month (which you’ll have to return if you quit the contract-free plan).

No installation, activation or equipment rental charges are mentioned in the T-Mobile press release, therefore the company insists your bill will not exceed $50. Apologies for the high rates charged by traditional ISPs like Xfinity and Charter, it appears. If you don’t mind the self-congratulatory tone, the service does seem like a good value. I personally pay Comcast $80 a month and regularly find myself frustrated by its data cap (although I haven’t been hit with a slew of extra charges as T-Mobile claims). Check to see whether your address qualifies for the service if you are interested.

And of course, there will always be a few exclamation points. Automatic billing is included in the $50 fee, so turning it off would increase your monthly payment to $55. In addition, taxes and fees are still charged, they’re just included in the price. T-Mobile estimates that taxes and fees account for 3-12 percent of your bill. According to TheVerge, some it’s officiala said; this is “unlikely,” though, according to the company’s warnings about service slowdowns during times of high congestion. Moreover, there’s no installation charge, but you’re on your own for the task. That should only take about 15 minutes, according to the company’s estimations. If you’re thinking about signing up for the service again now that the price has been lowered, make sure to check out our post outlining some of the drawbacks.

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