Subsystem for Android in Windows 11 will soon support Android 13

With Windows 11, Microsoft launched the so-called WSA (Windows Subsystem for Android), whose goal is to facilitate deeper integrations between Windows and Android. Microsoft has now secretly released an upgrade road plan for WSA, confirming that support for Android 13 is coming soon.

Microsoft plans to release Android 13 with a number of handy new additions. The WSA container’s compatibility with Windows makes file sharing a breeze. In the future, transferring files between your phone and computer will be as simple as a drag-and-drop operation, which will completely alter the way people work.

Windows 11 Android 13 Support

Picture-in-picture could mean superimposing the WSA in a window over other programs on your computer running Windows. While the meaning of “shortcuts” is unclear, Microsoft seems to use it frequently. Potentially, this may mean less time spent switching back and forth between your phone and computer just to use a few apps or functions. Finally, the corporation is making connectivity to local networks the default setting.

Keep in mind that the distribution of WSA and related capabilities is now only available in certain markets and won’t reach the masses until early 2023. Microsoft has just added print, position + GPS, a secondary display, microphone access, and other capabilities to WSA.

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