StemDrop is a music collaboration tool made by Samsung and TikTok.

StemDrop, a new music-recording and -mixing format, was announced by Samsung and TikTok today. Simon Cowell serves as creative director, and Syco Entertainment and Universal Music Group are also involved. Stems are the individual parts of a song, such as the vocals, percussion, and bass, and TikTok is introducing a StemDrop Mixer to let users to customize the way their songs sound by combining and adjusting these parts.

In an effort to help emerging artists get seen, TikTok’s new StepDrop feature will include popular user-generated songs every week. Max Martin, Savan Kotecha, and Ali Payami have recorded a new song together, and it will be released as a StemDrop exclusively on the music app TikTok. Once the song becomes live, fans can remix it and share their own versions. The official release date for TikTok StemDrop is October 26.

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