Sony Has Halted Production of the PlayStation 5 Because of Supply and Component Issues

COVID-19 has impacted supply chains in most industries, but some industries have been affected more than others. Recent reports indicate that PlayStation 5 availability will be reduced once more. The PS5 has been difficult to find since its release last year, and Bloomberg reports that the Japanese conglomerate has reduced its PS5 production for this fiscal year due to component and logistics constraints.

In the past, Sony was forecasting 16 million PS5 units for the year ending in March, according to the publication, but that number has now been reduced to about 15 million, which means that Sony will probably only meet its goal of selling 14.8 million PS5 units by March.

Unpredictable supply of chips and other components from Sony’s production bases in developing countries is the root cause of the company’s current problems. PS5 gamers are turning to the PC versions of the console’s games because of its limited availability, and this has an impact on game developers as well.

Achieving Sony’s sales target of 22.6 million PS5s in the next fiscal year will be difficult, according to the company’s manufacturing partners.

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