Some organizations may receive Twitter’s verified badge for free

has launched a new subscription service called Twitter Verification for Organisations.

This service allows organisations and notable users to keep their checkmarks on Twitter. However, they will need to pay a hefty price of $1,000 per month to subscribe to .

But there are some organisations that could get the subscription fees waived and receive the gold checkmark for free.

According to The New York Times, the 500 advertisers who spend the most on Twitter and the top 10,000 organisations with the highest number of followers are exempted from paying the subscription fees.

Verified Organisations is a new way for organisations and their affiliates to distinguish themselves on Twitter.

It allows vetted organisations to have full control of verifying accounts they are affiliated with, instead of relying on Twitter to be the sole arbiter of truth for which accounts should be verified.

The subscription comes with additional benefits, such as premium support and access to all the features of Twitter Blue, including the ability to post longer tweets and edit tweets.

If an organisation is a business or non-profit, it will receive a gold checkmark and a square avatar. However, if it is a government or multilateral organisation, it will be given a grey checkmark and a circular avatar.

Affiliated accounts can also be added, but each additional account will cost $50 per month.

The legacy verified program on Twitter is being phased out, which means some organisations and brands will lose their checkmarks and need to subscribe to the new service to keep it.

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