Samsung’s One UI 6 lets you create a personalized voice for Bixby Text Call

Samsung has been improving its One UI software with each iteration, adding new features and enhancements to its Galaxy devices. One of the most interesting features that Samsung introduced with One UI 5.0 last year was Bixby Text Call, which allows users to interact with callers in real-time using a virtual assistant before answering the call. This feature is similar to Google’s Call Screen, which helps users avoid spam calls and unwanted interruptions.

However, Samsung has taken Bixby Text Call to the next level with its latest One UI 6 beta release for the Galaxy S23 series. Now, users can create a custom voice for Bixby Text Call that sounds just like their own, making the feature more personalized and natural. This feature was discovered by Twitter user BDTech¹ in the second beta drop of One UI 6, which is based on Android 14.

To create a custom voice for Bixby Text Call, users need to access the Bixby Text Call menu from the Phone app’s settings and select Language and voice. Then, they need to tap Add voice and choose Create custom voice. The feature will guide them through a setup tour, which involves recording 10 sample sentences that the system will use to generate the custom voice model. The process is similar to Eleven Labs voice training², which allows users to create realistic voice clones.

However, there is a catch: the feature is only available when Bixby Text Call’s language is set to English (United States), which means that the custom voice will have an American accent regardless of the user’s original accent. This may result in some amusing or uncanny outcomes, as Android Police writer Zachary Kew-Deniss, who is from England, found out when he tested the feature¹. His custom voice sounded like him, but with an American twist.

Samsung has not announced when this feature will be available for other languages or regions, but it is likely that it will expand its support in future updates. The feature is currently exclusive to the Galaxy S23 series running the One UI 6 beta, which is open to users in the US (unlocked and T-Mobile models), Germany, and Korea³. Users who want to try it out can enroll in the beta program through the Samsung Members app.

Bixby Text Call is not the only new feature that One UI 6 brings to Galaxy devices. The latest version of Samsung’s software also includes a revamped quick settings panel, a new system font and emojis, a new camera widget, and more³. One UI 6 is shaping up to be another incremental but solid update for Samsung’s Android skin, bringing a fresh look and feel to its devices.

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