Samsung unveils Camera Assistant app, updates Expert RAW

The Galaxy S22 series is the first to receive 's updated Expert RAW app. Additionally, a new app suitably titled is being released by the firm to provide users with control over certain automatic camera settings.

Simple things like turning off video capture while in photo mode are examples (this often happens accidentally if you hold the shutter key pressed for too long). The number of shots taken by the timer can be changed to 1, 3, 5, or 7.

The final picture can be drastically altered by something as elementary as a few of these. Disabling Auto HDR is just one feature of Camera Assist. If you think the camera app is sharpening your photos too much, you can switch on Soften Pictures.

In addition, the added feature of Faster Shutter allows you to take 7 photos in 1 second, as the name says.

There's also a switch to turn off auto-switching, so you can choose the lens you want to use manually. Normally, you'd just set the zoom, and the phone would figure out which camera would be optimal under those conditions (e.g. it may use the main camera instead of the telephoto). Assistant puts the power of choice in your hands.

Finally, two advanced features that regular users probably won't need but that may be indispensable to experts. For HDMI screens, you can choose to have the phone only send the camera feed without any UI overlays by activating Clean Preview and adjusting the Camera timeout (to 1, 2, 5 or 10 minutes before the camera goes to sleep).

The moment has come to discuss the recently released Expert RAW version. The new Astrophoto option allows you to take pictures of the stars, constellations, and nebula in the sky. To account for the motion of the stars, this mode uses multi-frame processing to save photos for several minutes. If you want to capture a picture of the Big Dipper but have no idea where it is in the sky, this app will help you locate it by drawing the constellation on the sky.

Multiple exposure is the name of the other new setting. By doing so, you can snap multiple photographs and use a variety of overlay techniques to create a single unique image. This artistic method harkens back to the days of film photography in its ability to generate engaging images, but the digital iteration allows for greater precision in the final output.

To learn how to install and use the Camera Assistant app, read Samsung's press release.

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