Samsung is hard at work on OneUI 6, which will deliver Seamless Updates to phones

is at last making progress on implementing Seamless Updates for its mobile devices. This innovation debuted in 2016 with Pixels and is now standard on many Android phones, although it has not yet made its way to Galaxies. Partition B can be used to install an update while you continue to use your phone in Partition A; when the update is complete, you'll simply need to restart your device.

According to an interview with Samsung Electronics VP Hyesoon Jeong, the company is working on integrating Seamless Updates into next year's OneUI 6. (Sally).

Since Google has mandated that all smartphones running Android 13 include Seamless Updates, it's reasonable to assume that the Galaxy S23 series will ship with this capability well in advance of OneUI 6's release later next year. Let's wait and see.

Sally concluded the conversation by stating that OneUI will not expand beyond smartphones to Chromebooks and TVs.

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