Results of The Weekly Poll: a Price Cut on The Redmi 10 Would Make it More Popular

Based on last week's poll, it looks like the 10 will not get off to a good start. Many people don't like its pricing, as it starts around $200 and gets more expensive if you need the more storage (which you'll find is often out of stock). In most cases, you are constrained by the color options you have chosen. This isn't always the case, however, especially if you are set on a particular color.

Expectations are raised at this price. When it comes to the storage on the device, users are gravitating towards the much faster UFS storage. For example, the eMMC storage didn't go over well with fans, which has comparable cost. Even the Poco M3 Pro by Xiaomi utilizes UFS 2.2.


Even in this price range, having limited 5G connectivity is starting to be seen as a detriment. A poll of voters found that 15% of them support it. One can find a sub-$200 5G phone with UFS without too much difficulty in 2021, which means these complaints are valid.

However, it was given a remarkable 127 hour Endurance rating in our assessment. Prime was released this week with a 6,000 mAh battery, which could earn even better scores than what has been released to date. This version is limited to India, however.

The 90Hz display, while it looked good, left us wanting more when running the UI because it wasn't as smooth as we would have liked. While that 50 MP main sensor was highly advertised, it was actually less than stellar at performing in the day and night.


Many of the Redmi 10's memory/color combos had already sold out after only being available for a few hours. The AliExpress store the Redmi 10 was first available in was out of many of these variants very quickly and had several that were still unavailable for some time. I can't shop at that store, but it's all good because I can always get the items I want on Amazon Prime.


Regardless, back to the pricing question. A discount would get almost half of voters interested in buying a Redmi 10, though only 25% are even interested.


Weekly poll results: the Redmi 10 would be more popular if it gets a price cut

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