Real-time Voting and Commenting Have Been Added to Reddit’s New Features

A new layer of real-time interactivity has been added to Reddit’s website and mobile apps. Showing fresh votes and comments, as well as when people are typing, are all examples of this.

Reddit Voting Animation

A live tally of votes and comments on posts is one of the new UI features. It’s now possible to see how many votes and comments a post has received in real time. The voting buttons have also been given a new animation.

For one thing, users can now see what other people are typing while they’re trying to comment. Similar to how it seems on Discord or Slack, except that on Reddit individuals are kept anonymous and it’s only after the remark is posted that you learn who was writing. After that, you’ll be able to identify individual people by looking at their avatars.

Reddit New Comment Pill

When people post their comments, a new comment pill will emerge and you may click on the pill to see the new comments sorted by new and highlighted in real time by clicking on the pill.

Reddit Reading Indicator

When five or more people are currently looking at a post, a reading indicator will appear, and the avatars of these readers will be similar to those used for the typing indicator.

Since Discord has gained so much popularity in recent years, it appears that Reddit is aiming to compete more with the insular nature of the network. While Reddit still has a sizable user base, it’s evident that the company is feeling the heat and attempting to keep up with the times.

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