Production of BOE OLED displays for the iPhone 13 has been suspended

A recent report alleges that BOE has ceased manufacture of the iPhone 13’s OLED screen since February. When The Elec reported that the circuit width design had been altered without authority, Apple told its partner to stop manufacturing immediately.

It all began with a lack of display driver ICs from South Korean semiconductor giant LX Semicon, which supplies BOE and also supplies LG Display with its display panels. Most importantly, the Chinese manufacturer altered the thin-film transistor on its own, which had an impact on the phone’s internal architecture.

Despite this, a report stated that the collaboration between the two companies will not be affected. It was presumed by Elec that Apple wished to keep its OLED suppliers diverse in order to lessen its reliance on Samsung and LG and to improve its negotiating stance. The B11 factory in Sichuan, China, is still in operation despite a lower production rate, which means that BOE is expected to manufacture the screens for the next iPhone 14.

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