Pixel Pass is a Google Device, Internet Service, and Wireless Service Plan Package

According to a new leak discovered by M. Brandon Lee, 's subscription service will be available as a monthly subscription. Users will pay a predetermined monthly cost in exchange for access to Google's first-party services like Google One, Play Pass, and YouTube Premium, as well as a Pixel phone with an extended warranty and hardware upgrades. The leaked image makes no mention of Stadia by name.

Google Pixel Pass
Google Pixel Pass details (image: Twitter)


For those who aren't familiar with the iPhone upgrade programme from Apple, it's effectively Google's version of that company's annual upgrade programme and the Apple One subscription, which combines all of Cupertino's major online services and streaming platforms into a single monthly payment. Leaked screenshots show that Pixel Pass members will be able to trade in their old phones when they upgrade, and that they will be able to purchase the Pixel Pass membership through Google's online store. Pixel Pass appears to be a US-only service for the time being.

Pixel Pass pricing has yet to be mentioned, but with Google's October 19 event scheduled, we expect learn more about the plan with Pixel 6 series launch.

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