Over the Next Two Months, Prime Gaming will be Giving Away EA Games

During the next three months, Amazon and EA will be handing out free PC games and content through Amazon’s Prime Gaming program, so if you haven’t checked it out yet, now might be the time. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, a surprisingly good remaster of the 2010 game, will be available for free Origin codes to Prime users this month, and Amazon claims that four more of EA’s “most popular titles” will be available in 2022. (though given the starting game, it may be worth keeping your expectations in check).

A free copy of Dragon Age Inquisition is still available through Prime Gaming if you are reading this in November. There will also be Apex Legends and Battlefield 2042 skins and new content for EA Sports games “going out over the next several months” as part of Amazon’s agreement with EA.

Other free games will also be available to you through Prime Gaming, as always. Decent games are out in December, like Frostpunk and Journey to the Savage Planet, as well as TellTale’s take on Monkey Island’s Tales of Monkey Island, if you plan on taking a vacation during the holidays. These are also included:

Life Stubbs the Zombie from Morkredd Spellcaster University’s YouTube channel Rebel Without a Pulse (what a name)
EA games may be coming to Amazon in the near future, but it’s best to keep an eye out. There are some good books out there from the publisher, despite the fact that they’ve been widely derided (oftentimes for good reason). It would be nice if the remastered Command & Conquer games would be one of these games that will be available for free in the near future.

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