Origin OS Ocean will Soon Be Available on vivo’s New Video Teaser

For China, vivo is preparing to introduce a new version of its Android OS. It’s going to be named Origin OS Ocean, and it’s going to be announced on December 9th.

After months of speculation, vivo has released a new video teaser for the next edition of its operating system that begins in the ocean. This isn’t just a teaser; it also shows off some of the new UI design features.

For the first time, vivo’s take on Android’s home screen and launcher has been implemented in the Origin OS home screen UI, which is a major departure from the previous version.

The entire design of Origin OS Ocean has been simplified, brighter, and more intriguing than ever before. In order to demonstrate customers that they can rapidly access such key services through the fingerprint sensor after unlocking, functions like as photographs and payments are more prominently shown on the lock screen, encircled by the fingerprint icon.

For the time being, Origin OS will only be available on vivo’s devices for the Chinese market, as it was before. In-house testing is now taking place for the X70 Pro, X70 Pro, X70, X60 Pro+, X60t Pro+, X60 Pro, X60, and X60 Curved Screen Edition.

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