One UI 4 for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Family has been Updated to a More Stable Version

has acknowledged the latency issues impacting some Galaxy S21 units, particularly in the United States, after they were updated to the stable version of 4 based on Android 12, which was released last week.

The corporation has already released a patch for the problem. Having selected 120 Hz in Settings, the refresh rate would reset to 60 Hz when the user was no longer touching the screen, resulting in a noticeable amount of perceived latencies.

New build G99xUSQU4BUK9 replaces the previous G99xUSQU4BUK7 on US carrier models (where “x” is variable depending on which S21 family member you have). At this point, the updated build is only available on Verizon's devices, but we expect it to roll out to other carriers' handsets in the near future.

However, since this refresh rate switching fault only affects US models of the S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra, it's unclear whether or not this software patch will be made available worldwide at some point. Installers say it significantly improves responsiveness, however some third-party apps still show considerable scrolling slowness after installing it.

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