On October 24th, Apple will release iPadOS 16 (presumably iOS 16.1 too)

Finally, the speculations about Apple launching 16 on Monday, October 24 have been confirmed: Apple has officially announced the release date. And it's on that date that rumors started circulating last week.

16 was published by Apple last month, but for the first time since the company split its phone OS and its tablet OS, Apple did not simultaneously release . Reports suggest that the introduction of Stage Manager multitasking, which will be accessible for iPads with M1 and M2 chipsets, is to blame for the holdup.

iPadOS 16

Apple is calling the October 24 release iPadOS 16, but it could instead arrive as iPadOS 16.1, coinciding with the release of .1. This would bring the two operating systems back in sync. At least, that's what we've heard through rumors. Everything will be made obvious by Monday.

As expected, iPadOS 16 will come preinstalled on the new iPads that Apple has introduced today. All iPad Pro devices, the iPad Air (3rd gen. and after), the iPad mini (5th gen. and later), and the plain old iPad (5th gen. and later) will receive the update.

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