On November 30, Xiaomi Will Launch the Redmi Note 11T 5G in India

According to rumor, the Redmi Note 11T will be released in India on November 30. With only a few catchy marketing slogans and no specifics, the device was listed on Amazon.

The Poco M4 Pro 5G (also known as the Redmi Note 11 5G in China) is expected to be the same as the Redmi Note 11 5G and cost around INR15,000 (about $200).

For the Note 11T, the Poco M3 Pro 5G and the Redmi Note 10 5G are the logical successors to the Note 10T 5G.

A dual-camera setup and a Dimensity 810 processor will be on board when the phone is released in two weeks.

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