Nubia Z50 series, featuring a better camera, will be released by ZTE on December 19th

In a post to its official Weibo channel, announced that the Z50 series would be available for purchase on December 19. A new custom-made camera with the light input of a 1″ sensor (equivalent to a 35 mm camera) will be included in the lineup.

However, the way nubia phrased the announcement makes it seem like we won't be getting a true 1-inch sensor, but rather a camera with a fancy lens and some software upgrades.

Since 's 2019 management shakeup and subsequent $1 billion fine for violating trade embargoes, the nubia sub-brand has released only one nubia Z smartphone: the nubia Z40 Pro (in two battery and charging variants). The nubia Z30 Pro and the nubia Z20 were discontinued.

In order to know if this will carry over to the rest of the Z50 models, we must wait until Monday's event. In the week leading up to the release, we anticipate more teasers from nubia.

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