NewsNothing Phone (1) upgrade adds 5G on Jio, Increased...

    Nothing Phone (1) upgrade adds 5G on Jio, Increased Maximum Brightness



    Though Nothing has been slow to release Android 13 for its Phone (1), the firm has nevertheless consistently delivered many minor upgrades to the product. Update 1.1.6 of Nothing OS was released today.

    With this, you can use Google's augmented reality Core and 5G on Jio in India. The update promises more stable and clear recordings from the camera, as well as a recording light that is always on by default. Launcher interactions should now seem more natural, and the displayed battery status should be more reliable; also, the NFC sound effect has been modernized.

    Nothing phone (1) [GSMArena]
    There has been an increase in the maximum brightness that can be achieved when showing HDR video, albeit the exact amount is unknown. The panel's maximum brightness was called 1,200 nits back in August, but tests showed it never reached that level.

    However, for the sake of “a balanced user experience regarding heat and battery consumption” it was artificially limited in software to a maximum of 700 nits, and the company has said it will not comment further on the matter. It appears that in the most recent version, this limit was either completely deleted or increased.

    Finally, the Glyph charging light is now “more reactive” and the motion for flipping to the Glyph has been modified to be “synced to sound effect” Unnamed “general bug fixes” are stated as well, as is par for the course.

    A full rollout to all devices in the wild could take several days, as updates of this nature often occur in phases. In the end, you'll have to download 62 megabytes to acquire it.

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