Nintendo Switch OLED Unveils Today, but Buyers in the US and Europe Report Delays

Today, Nintendo Switch OLED was expected to start on sale. Retailers should be distributing consoles to early customers now that pre-orders have ended, but some are experiencing delays.

According to Nintendo’s US website, all shops have “out of stock” items on their pages. Europe appears to be in a similar predicament. France claims to have units in stock, but the UK expects them to be available on October 12/13, according to Amazon (depending on which colour you want). According to Amazon Germany, shipping takes 1-3 weeks.

A 7-inch OLED display (up from 6.2″) is available on the OLED model, but other internals remain the same, including the same 4-gigabyte LPDDR4 RAM and twice the amount of eMMC storage (64 GB). Supply problems have yet to be explained, but a chip shortage wouldn’t be surprising. Despite its age, the X1 is not immune to problems with the worldwide supply chain.

The vanilla Switch is more difficult to come by, while the Switch Lite appears to be readily available. Keep in mind that in the UK and Europe, they enjoyed ongoing price reductions. The OLED model costs €365/£310, the vanilla version costs €300/£260, and the Lite model costs €220/£200. OLED displays are more expensive than LED displays.

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