Nintendo Has Stated That its Next “Gaming System” Will Be Released in 20XX

However vaguely, is already talking about a successor to its wildly popular console/handheld hybrid, the Nintendo Switch with an OLED screen, which is only a month old.

Nintendo makes vague allusions to future plans in a presentation to investors. The company plans to “continue to expand its business around the core concept of creating unique integrated hardware-software products,” which I'm taking to mean that the company will (brace yourself) make more video games and video game hardware in the future.

As you can see on page 41 of the PDF, Nintendo also has a timeline for some of its hardware efforts, including its “next gaming system,” which is slated to be released in the year 20XX. Between now and the year 2099, I'd say. However, there are no hints as to what the hardware will look like, whether it will be another hybrid system like the Switch or simply a redesigned version of that system. In addition to a question mark, Nintendo provides only one image.

Nintendo Has Stated That its Next
Even Nintendo wants you to forget the Wii U, which released in 2012 and isn't included on this timeline. Image: Nintendo


New Nintendo hardware could improve on the OLED Switch, with the most obvious upgrade being the ability to play 4K resolution games. The official OLED Switch doesn't support 4K games, but Bloomberg reported that a Switch capable of doing so was in development for release this year. A day before the OLED Switch went on sale, Bloomberg reported that Nintendo was working on a 4K-capable version of the console. Nintendo categorically denied this report. For Nintendo's upcoming console, 4K HDR would be the feature I'd bet on.

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