Motorola Launches Business Edition Versions of the Edge 20 and Edge 20 Lite

Motorola is releasing two Business Edition phones: the Edge 20 and the Edge 20 Lite (the Edge 20 Pro was already on that list). These have better security capabilities thanks to their common hardware base.

The versions of the Edge 20 series have some of this information already published. The ThinkShield suite protects it from malware, phishing, and network attacks, a collection of hardware and software security measures designed for it. ThinkShield has recently been augmented with machine learning, which will monitor the device and will analyze any threats. The company partnered with Zimperium to accomplish this goal.

Two major OS updates and three years of security updates will be given to the Business Edition phones, just like regular phones. Android Enterprise Recommended devices, but these are also covered. All phones that are recommended in the program have strict requirements to participate, including receiving security patches within 90 days.

Other awesome features include the ability to always remain logged in to the phone with “Zero-touch” and perform remote management. You can access the phone’s apps and manage files between the PC and the phone with Ready For, which you use while you are at the computer.

Motorola Enterprise has an Edge 20 series Business Edition that you can order from their website. Just remember that these are for large scale sales; individual sales aren’t the goal.

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