More Than $86,000 for the USB-C iPhone X

Last week, a working USB-C port on an X prototype went on sale thanks to robotics student Ken Pillonel. After 116 bids, the winning bid of $86,001 was made last night.

The bidding on the iPhone has ended
The bidding on the iPhone has ended

At $85,000 a week, the bid has been steadily rising over the last few days, reaching $86,001. There were some offers above that, but those were later retracted, including a spoof bid for $1 million that was deleted less than an hour after it was put online.

A custom-made PCB with a female USB-C port was then created by Pillonel after he first ensured that the electronics were working. In order to make use of the phone's USB port, schematics had to be completed first.

According to the engineer, the prize is a “true piece of collection for any fanboy out there,” but the new owner is prohibited from performing any kind of reset, update, or deletion on the device or using it as a daily driver. It's not a good idea for him to mess around with the internals, but he won't be voiding any warranties if he does.

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