Microsoft Store Website Gets a Refreshing New Look

The Microsoft Store website has undergone a significant redesign, taking inspiration from the Microsoft Store app. In this article, we’ll explore the changes made to the website and how it aligns with the Fluent Design System.

Key Takeaways

  • The Microsoft Store website now features a card-based design, similar to the Microsoft Store app.
  • The layout has been updated, with the removal of the Categories option from the side menu and the relocation of the search box.
  • The new design incorporates elements of the Fluent Design System, such as Acrylic, Reveal, Depth, and Motion.

Microsoft recently introduced exciting changes to the Windows 11 Insider Canary build. However, one change that went relatively unnoticed was the redesign of the Microsoft Store website. The new web portal now bears a striking resemblance to the Microsoft Store app found on Windows 11 PCs.

The most noticeable change is the revamped design, which closely matches that of the Microsoft Store app. The website now follows the principles of the Fluent Design System, incorporating design elements like Acrylic, Reveal, Depth, and Motion. This convergence with the app’s design creates a more cohesive user experience. Additionally, the website now adopts a card-based design approach, with app listings, recommendations, and category listings presented in a visually appealing card format.

Alongside the visual changes, the layout has also been updated. The Categories option, previously found on the left side of the website, has been removed. Similarly, the search box has been relocated to the top-right corner, foregoing its previous position in the side menu. Instead, a button for opening the Microsoft Store app now sits beside the search bar. Although not entirely new, the button has received a slight redesign, now featuring the Microsoft Store logo.

For users accustomed to the Categories option, they will now need to scroll to the bottom of the Microsoft Store web page to find Collections. This section serves as a centralized hub for discovering Windows themes, puzzle games, and more. At the top of the webpage, users can easily switch between Home, Apps, and Games pages, in addition to accessing the search bar.

However, it’s worth noting that the app install page on the website differs slightly from the app itself. While the previous Microsoft Store web portal displayed the app logo alongside the Install button at the top of the page, the new design places the app logo and ratings on the left side, rather than the top. To see these changes in action, visit apps.Microsoft.com.

That covers the main changes we’ve observed in the new Microsoft Store web design. If you’ve noticed any unique details, we encourage you to share them in the comments section below.

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