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Microsoft has Promised Surface Duo 2 Owners 3 Years of Free Software Upgrades

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Surface Duo devices use Android, and Microsoft has announced that it aims to provide three years of updates for the Surface Duo 2. The following comment was provided to Android Authority by Microsoft as confirmation of this information.

We are committed to providing three years of OS and security updates,”

Similar promises were made for the initial Surface Duo. One thing to remember is that the Surface Duo smartphone from the original generation still runs Android 10. Microsoft has stated that it plans to release an Android 11 upgrade for the Surface Duo “before the end of the year.”

When it comes to the Surface Duo, Microsoft has certainly taken on a lot of responsibility. There have been numerous changes to the software and hardware since the Surface Duo 2 was first released, so Microsoft should be able to keep up with these. In light of the fact that the Surface Duo 2 will ship with Android 11, it begs the question of when it will be updated to Android 12.

Microsoft has Promised Surface Duo 2 Owners 3 Years of Free Software Upgrades gsmarena 001

A new Surface computer and an upgrade to the Microsoft Surface Duo were announced this week at Microsoft’s Surface product announcement event. Fresh features in the Surface Duo 2 include a triple-camera arrangement, an upgraded battery, new screens, a speedier CPU, and an improved dual-screen design. It also incorporates NFC and curved screen edges on the inside, so alerts and the clock can be seen even when the device is closed.

Via GSMArena
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