Microsoft and iFixit Have Teamed Up to Produce Surface Repair Tools

If you’ve been in the mobile device repair community for any length of time, you know that iFixit is a vital source of information for those who want to fix their own devices.

Microsoft Authorized Service Providers, Microsoft Experience Centers, and Microsoft Commercial clients will now have access to repair tools for Microsoft Surface devices thanks to IFixit’s recent release. On the tech support website, these repair technicians can purchase Microsoft service tools.

Microsoft has taken a big step towards making repair accessible to their customers, and their timing is perfect as Right to Repair gains momentum across the US[…] Having OEM tools available will give repair technicians the ability to help their customers keep their devices alive for longer.” – iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens

IFixit will produce the tools and weights that Microsoft designed. As with all of the company’s replacement parts, these tools will be evaluated for quality control in the same manner as all of its replacement parts and tools.

"The Surface Display Debonding Tool, one of the tools iFixit is now manufacturing for Surface repair."
“The Surface Display Debonding Tool, one of the tools iFixit is now manufacturing for Surface repair.” – Source: iFixit

Bonding and Reboding Frames are available for Microsoft Surface Pro 7+(2020), Pro 8 and Pro X, respectively. Surface Laptop 3 (13.6-inch and 15-inch), Surface Laptop 4 (13.5-inch and 15-inch), Surface Laptop Go, Surface Laptop SE, and Surface Laptop Studio are all supported by the Surface Battery Cover.

Even though iFixit has partnered with Microsoft, they will continue to provide free knowledge on how to fix Surface devices.

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