Microbusinesses can now use new GoDaddy tools to express themselves even more freely online

New innovative tools for small businesses have been released by GoDaddy, one of the world’s most popular domain registrars and web hosts.

Small businesses may use GoDaddy Studio to produce branded material like as advertising, logos, business announcements, and social media posts, all of which can be easily customized.

When it comes to creating content for social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as email marketing campaigns, GoDaddy’s new capabilities allow businesses to overlay videos over photographs.

For non-designers, GoDaddy promises that its capabilities include a bank of stock photos and layouts.

It is possible to eliminate the backdrop of an image in Studio, which helps content creators generate and customize product shots.

Ben Law, Head of UK and Ireland, GoDaddy, said: “In an increasingly digital world, it’s crucial for microbusiness owners to have eye-catching and compelling branded content that helps them stand out against competitors.

“GoDaddy Studio caters to that need by simplifying the process of creating content, and providing all the necessary tools and templates in one place. GoDaddy Studio helps entrepreneurs realise the creative vision for their brand and connect more effectively with customers.”

Websites + Marketing plans include features for social media marketing and email marketing, and ecommerce platforms for selling products and services. The GoDaddy Studio suite of tools is fully integrated with these plans. Apps for the new tools are also available for Apple and Google devices.

GoDaddy’s GoDaddy Websites + Marketing platform includes a number of content-creation tools, including this one. A new cooperation between the web hosting company and Vimeo has recently been announced, allowing clients to make and distribute high-quality videos.

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