List: The Google Play store has removed 16 apps for causing battery drain and excessive data usage

According to reports, Google has banned 16 apps from the Play Store due to their impact on battery life and data usage. The programs, discovered by a security firm, were said to have engaged in ad fraud by launching websites in the background and clicking on adverts under the guise of a human user. The security group estimated that 20 million users had installed the apps before Google removed them from the Play Store.

A report by Ars Technica states that Google has pulled 16 apps from the Play Store after McAfee found malicious activity. The security company claims that the apps, which were free to download on Android smartphones and tablets, posed as useful tools that could be used to accomplish things like scan QR codes, activate the device’s flash as a torch, or convert between different units of measurement.

BusanBus, Joycode, Currency Converter, High-Speed Camera, Smart Task Manager, Flashlight+, K-Dictionary, Quick Note, EzDica, Instagram Profile Downloader, and Ez Notes are just some of the “utility” apps that have been eliminated.

According to McAfee’s research, once opened, these programs automatically downloaded and installed code, which then caused them to open online sites, click on links and adverts, and otherwise behave maliciously. This behavior is ad fraud because it would increase ad clickthrough rates artificially.

The adware libraries “com.liveposting” and “com.click.cas” were detected in the uninstalled programs, allowing users to be tricked into visiting malicious websites. This happens in the background without the user’s knowledge and can quickly deplete their battery and fill up their data plan.

Google confirmed to Ars Technica that it has deleted the apps from the Play Store and that Play Protect would prevent customers’ devices from running them. In spite of Google’s safeguards on the Play Store, McAfee found that the apps would download additional code after installation.

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