Link Pinning will Soon be Available in Clubhouse’s Rooms

enables users to monetize their work on the platform by sharing external links. Clubhouse CEO Paul Davison and global head of marketing Maya Watson announced a new pinned links feature at The Verge's On The Verge event, according to which moderators can now pin external links to the top of a room. A link to Patreon, a news article, a podcast, or whatever else the moderators choose can be included here.

Some links will be blocked for your safety and the sake of moderation. Linking to porn sites like OnlyFans is against the rules, but Davison didn't specify which sites were off-limits. Any moderator of a room, regardless of the number of followers they have, can add, change, or remove a link.

It will be available on iOS and Android devices starting on October 27.

However, Davison said the team would likely share information in the coming months about ways in which the app itself will monetize, such as ticketed rooms and subscriptions, Clubhouse won't take a cut of revenue from transactions that occur through the link.

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