iOS 17 Public Beta: What’s New and How to Try It

Apple has just released the first public beta of iOS 17, the next major update for iPhone users. This means that anyone who is interested can download and install the new software on their compatible devices and test out the latest features before the official launch in the fall.

iOS 17 brings a lot of improvements and changes to the iPhone experience, especially in the areas of communication, sharing, and personalization. Here are some of the highlights of what’s new in iOS 17:

  • StandBy: A new feature that turns your iPhone into an information hub when it is in a horizontal position and connected to a charger. You can see the time, live activities, notifications, and widgets on your screen. You can also use Siri to get visual results or interact with widgets.
  • Contact Posters: A new way to customize how you appear when you call someone. You can choose a photo or a Memoji, and add effects like typography and colors. Contact Posters also work with third-party calling apps.
  • Live Voicemail: A new feature that lets you see a real-time transcription of a voicemail as someone is leaving it. You can also pick up the call if it’s important. Live Voicemail is powered by the Neural Engine and works on-device for privacy.
  • Messages: A redesigned app that makes it easier to access and share content. You can use the new plus button to see all the things you send the most, like photos, audio messages, and your location. You can also swipe to reply to any message, use search filters to find what you’re looking for, and see transcriptions of audio messages.
  • FaceTime: A more expressive app that supports audio and video messages, reactions, and Apple TV. You can record a message when someone misses your FaceTime call, or use gestures to activate fun effects like hearts, confetti, and fireworks. You can also use your iPhone as a camera and start or join a FaceTime call on your Apple TV.
  • AirDrop: A more convenient way to share content with people nearby. You can use NameDrop to quickly share your contact information with someone you meet, or use AirDrop Suggestions to see who you might want to share something with based on your context.
  • Autocorrect: A smarter feature that improves the speed and accuracy of typing. You can easily correct mistakes with a quick tap, or use suggestions to complete words or phrases. Autocorrect also works better with bilingual input and dictation.
  • Journal: A new app that helps you practice gratitude and appreciate life’s moments. You can write down your thoughts, feelings, and goals, and add photos, videos, stickers, and more. Journal also uses on-device intelligence to suggest entries based on your activity, location, photos, music, and more.
  • Safari: A more private and secure browser that adds new features like locked private browsing windows, password sharing, and better tracking prevention. You can also customize your start page with wallpapers and widgets.
Apple WWDC23 iOS 17 iPhone 14 Pro
Credit: Apple

If you want to try out iOS 17 public beta on your iPhone, you need to back up your device first using iCloud or your computer. Then you need to sign up for Apple’s beta testing program on Apple’s website using your Apple ID. After that, you need to go to Settings > General > Software Update on your iPhone and enable the iOS 17 Public Beta option. Then you can download and install the update as usual.

Keep in mind that iOS 17 public beta is still a work-in-progress software that may have bugs or issues. It is not recommended to install it on your primary device or without a backup. You can also provide feedback to Apple using the Feedback Assistant app if you encounter any problems or have any suggestions.

iOS 17 public beta is a great opportunity to experience the future of iPhone software and help shape it with your input. We hope you enjoy trying out the new features and let us know what you think.

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