In Order to Preserve the Quality of the Video, Google Messages is Planning to Send Videos via SMS via Google Photos

New 9to5Google APK Insight report suggests that Google Messages, the Android default SMS/RCS app, is getting a new feature that allows users to send videos over Google Photos in cases where RCS is not available.

You can now select “Google Photos: Share sharper clarity video in text (SMS/MMS)” in the beta version of Google Messages 10.4! There were no issues enabling the feature in the app’s settings.

Source: 9to5Google

A link to a video from the sender may appear in the recipient’s inbox if this setting is enabled, according to the description. As an alternative, Google Photos links may be sent to the recipient’s phone, where they can watch a high-quality video in the chat window. We think iOS users may have to open the link in a browser.

It’s not a new idea to share large files via the cloud. Using Samsung’s “Link Sharing” feature, you can share your photos and videos with friends and family by sending them a link that they can access from any browser. Videos no longer deserve to be severely compressed and sent over an outdated protocol, so a first-party solution from Google is a great idea.

Sending an MMS video on Google Messages
Sending an MMS video on Google Messages

A video clip sent from an Android phone to an iOS user would be much less embarrassing if the recipient saw a garbled video and sneered at the sender for having the audacity to do so.

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