Huawei might rely on the Snapdragon 888 4G chipset for its upcoming Mate 50 device

Huawei has announced that it plans to release the Mate 50 series within the next few months. The vanilla Huawei Mate 50 will have a Snapdragon 888 chipset, limited to LTE, instead of a yet unannounced Kirin 9000S platform that is likely reserved for the Mate 50 Pro.

TechyPreacher posted a specs sheet on their Weibo page, revealing the display will be an OLED by BOE with a Full HD+ resolution and no more than 6.38″ in diagonal. It will also have a 120 Hz refresh rate. The Mate series is supposed to be Huawei’s best offering, and this vanilla smartphone will have a triple 50 MP camera on the back. RAM is listed as 8 GB, while storage is 128 GB or 256 GB. The OS will be Harmony OS 3.

Rumors suggest Huawei will introduce its own photo division called X Mage, replacing Leica in providing know-how on all photo capabilities. However, the company is remaining silent on an eventual launch, and while all these specs sound like wishful thinking, the influx of leaks is suggesting an event is near.

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