Huawei Launches Harmony Mine OS

Huawei stated that Harmony Mine Operating System is available for use today. HarmonyOS will be utilised for this application for the first time. Huawei’s AI and smart full-scenario business department chief Wang Chenglu said that the introduction of Harmony Mine Operating System represents a huge step forward for HarmonyOS Ecology because it moved the 2C to B2. This gives HarmonyOS more opportunity to be used.

According to Wang, in the beginning, there were many stories about HarmonyOS been a fork of Android. He claims that “this kind of doubt is normal because the complexity of operating systems and chips far exceeds any single point technology”. However, in 2016, HarmonyOS was built, and at the time, the firm didn’t make it available for phones. The IoT application was the only one of its kind that the company had utilised previously. Huawei apparently assumed they would just be using the IoT system. The restriction put the Chinese manufacturer under pressure, and the corporation hasn’t expressed any contrition for the impact the prohibition had on them.

Wang Chenglu reported that over 100 million HarmonyOS 2 users currently exist. In addition, over 1.3 million registered application developers exist, with over 1,700 pieces of equipment on their team.

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