How to use Bing Image Creator on Mobile (Android and iOS)

After introducing Bing Chat, a chatbot powered by GPT4 AI, Microsoft has now included a new feature called Bing Image Creator. This feature utilizes DALL-E to generate images based on text inputs. It is a powerful tool and is now available for both desktop and mobile Bing Chat users.

However, it may not be immediately clear how to use it on the Bing app for iOS and Android. Microsoft plans to make it easier to use in the future, but for now, here are some steps you can follow.

How to use Bing Image Creator on mobile

Bing Image Creator

It’s amazing that we can now use the cloud to generate artwork through AI on the spot. However, if you try to ask the Bing app on your phone to create an image, you might see a message that says it’s not currently possible, which can be confusing

Achieving this task is possible, but it requires a prerequisite action to be taken.

1. Open the Bing app on your device.
2. Tap More Creative.
3. Enter your prompt into the chat box.

The most important step when using Bing Image Creator on mobile or desktop is to be on the “More Creative” tab. You can easily identify this tab because it will be colored purple. Once you’re in the right tab, you can start asking Bing Image Creator to make images for you by typing your requests. The images will appear in a thread and you can save them on your device or share them using a specific URL. Currently, you can only use Bing Image Creator if you’re in Creative mode, but Microsoft plans to change this in the future so that you can use it without any restrictions.

2nd Solution

1. Open the Bing Image Creator on your mobile browser (Chrome recommended).

2. Click on the Chrome Menu at the top right (The Three vertical Dots) and then select Site.

3. That’s all, Enjoy the creation.

Use Boost for Faster Creations

From time to time, you may come across a notification that suggests using boosts to speed up the process of creating images. Each user is allocated a limited number of these boosts every week, but if you want more, you can obtain them by redeeming Microsoft Rewards. Although using boosts is not crucial at the moment because image creation is already reasonably fast, it might become more useful as the number of users increases and the system becomes more heavily loaded. However, please note that your boosts will not be used when the service is experiencing performance issues and not operating at Microsoft’s desired speed.

The positive aspect is that you have the option not to utilize boosts, and still receive your image. You can choose to leave the app, and your image will either be available in the application when you return, or Bing will send an email to the Microsoft Account linked to your account when the image has been produced.


To sum up, using Bing Image Creator on mobile phone is an easy and efficient method of creating distinct images for many different reasons. Simply follow the instructions provided in this guide, and you can create your custom images with only a few taps on your Android or iOS device. With Bing Image Creator, there are countless possibilities, allowing you to express your creativity in every image you make. If you want to make your visual content more appealing and amaze your viewers, why not give it a shot and start using Bing Image Creator on your mobile phone today? Who knows, you might be surprised by the stunning outcomes you can achieve.

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