How to Set a Status in Gmail and Google Chat

Because status messages were one early internet oddity that did not keep pace with modern trends, they nevertheless need attention. They’re both enjoyable and educational, letting you educate your contacts of your current activities and circumstances, Dave. It is good to know that Google is gradually bringing back the status message, one application at a time.

Which Google apps let you set statuses?

In Google Chat and Gmail, you can establish a status for your account. On Aug. 12, Google updated its Google Chat and Gmail Android apps to allow statuses, as well as their corresponding services, such as Twitter.

How to update your Gmail status (web)

There are actually two ways to display your current status when you visit Gmail from the web. The latest technique utilises Google Chat. To enable Chat, click the settings gear, then choose See all settings. From here, click Chat and Meet, click the Google Chat tab, then click OK on the popup. Finally, click Save Changes.

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Gmail will then automatically refresh, and you’ll see a new Active status tab. Click this, then click Add a status. With this feature, you have the option to write your own status, or pick one of the four pre-written statuses from the list.

If you have Hangouts enabled, check out your name and icon under Hangouts on the left side of the screen. Click this, then click Share your status. This option will allow you to put in your status, and then hit the smiley symbol to the left to select an emoji as your complementary emoji.

Screenshot: Jake Peterson / Credit: LifeHacker

How to update your Gmail status (Android)

You must activate Chat in Gmail for Android in order to set a status.

To do so, tap the hamburger menu icon in the top left, tap Settings, then tap the applicable Gmail account. Scroll down, tap the box next to Chat, then tap OK on the pop-up to enable the feature.

Gmail should relaunch, and, when it does, tap the hamburger menu icon again to find the new Add a status option. You would expect to be able to fill out a status and then choose one of the four predefined statuses from the smiley icon, but you can also make one of the several statuses below by clicking on one of the options.

How to update your Google Chat status (web)

To make a status on Google Chat on your desktop browser, just click the status button (by default, it appears as Active), then click “Add a status,” complete with the same manual status option, as well as the four pre-made statuses.

How to update your Google Chat status (Android)

Gmail’s status function works in exactly the same way as Google Chat’s does, without requiring the Chat feature to be turned on. To get started, just tap the hamburger menu icon in the top left, then tap Add a status. Again, type out your status and add an emoji from the smiley icon, or tap one of the four pre-made statuses from the list.

Screenshot: Jake Peterson / Credit: LifeHacker

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