How to Send Blank Messages on WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram

Have you ever wanted to send a blank message to someone on a messaging platform? While it may seem pointless, blank messages can actually be quite useful. They allow you to nudge someone to get their attention, check if your internet is working, prank your friends, and more.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore how to send blank messages on some of the most popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Signal and others.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use the white space Unicode character to send blank messages on most platforms
  • On WhatsApp Web, send a message with just a period to make it appear blank
  • Telegram has a dedicated blank message option in its attachments menu
  • Instagram Direct and Facebook Messenger don’t allow sending empty messages
  • Some apps like Signal use client-side encryption, making blank messages impossible

Ready to learn how to start sending invisible messages? Let’s get started!

Sending Blank Messages on WhatsApp

With over 2 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp is by far the most popular global messaging app. Here are a couple of simple methods to send blank messages on it.

Using the White Space Unicode Character

This clever little trick allows you to send an invisible message on both WhatsApp mobile apps and WhatsApp Web:

  1. Copy this special Unicode character to your clipboard –
  2. Paste it into the WhatsApp message box and hit send. That’s it!

The recipient will receive a blank message that seems like there’s nothing in it.

Pro Tip: Save this invisible Unicode character to your notes for easy access whenever you want to send a phantom message.

Using the Period Trick (WhatsApp Web Only)

This method only works on WhatsApp Web accessed through a browser:

  1. Open WhatsApp Web and select a chat.
  2. Type a single period “.” and hit enter.
  3. This will send a blank message to the recipient.

Pretty simple, right? The period is automatically trimmed on WhatsApp mobile apps, so this only works on the web version.

Sending Blank Messages on Telegram

Telegram offers tons of flexibility, customization and stands out with its focus on privacy. Here’s how to send invisible messages:

  1. Open a chat in the Telegram app.
  2. Tap on the attachment icon (paperclip).
  3. Choose the “Blank” option here.

This will instantly send a blank message without any text or media attached. The recipient will simply see a message from you with nothing in it!

Sending Blank Messages on Signal

Signal is widely regarded as the most secure messaging app, thanks to its end-to-end encryption. But this also makes it impossible to send blank messages.

Any “invisible” messages you try to send will always have some text or characters attached to it.

So unfortunately, there is no effective way to send 100% blank messages on Signal right now. The encryption protocols don’t allow it.

Sending Blank Messages on Instagram/Facebook Messenger

Instagram Direct and Facebook Messenger also do not permit sending empty messages. This is likely intentional to prevent abuse.

Whenever you try send a blank message on Instagram or Facebook by removing all text, it will give an error saying “Your message could not be sent since it is empty”.

So if you were hoping to prank your Instagram or Facebook friends with invisible messages, you are out of luck! These platforms have measures in place to prevent blank messages.

Why Would You Want to Send Blank Messages?

Here are some creative reasons why you may want to take advantage of these blank messaging tricks:

  • Prank your friends – Imagine their confusion when they keep getting notifications with literally nothing in them!
  • Grab someone’s attention – Silently nudge them without saying anything.
  • Check if your internet is working – Fire away a blank message to confirm connectivity.
  • Communicate in code – Develop a system of cues and signals using blank messages.
  • Express emotions – Like sending a blank stare when you are annoyed.
  • Start private conversations – Send a blank message first to indicate you want to chat.

The use cases are endless! Combine blank messages with other text and media for even more possibilities.

FAQs about Sending Blank Messages

Here are some common questions about this phenomenon:

Q: Are blank messages safe to send?

A: In most cases, yes they are safe. But don’t overdo it as that could annoy people.

Q: Can I get in trouble for sending too many blank messages?

A: Potentially yes, if you are spamming someone. Use discretion based on the context.

Q: What happens if I send a blank message to an unsaved number?

A: It will go through normally if you have an active internet connection.

Q: Can I send 100 blank messages in a row?

A: Technically you can, but that would be considered harassment in most situations.

The Final Word

While seemingly pointless, blank messages can actually serve many creative communication purposes. They are quick and easy to send once you know the tricks.

The only major platforms that don’t allow them are Instagram, Facebook Messenger and Signal. WhatsApp has a couple of workarounds, while Telegram makes it really straightforward.

So go ahead, have some phantom messaging fun! Use blank messages judiciously to amuse your friends and express yourself in inventive ways.

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