How to Fix ‘Something Went Wrong’ Error on Google Play Store (8 Ways)

Have you ever encountered the frustrating “Something went wrong” error message while trying to access the Google Play Store on your Android device? You are not alone. This is a common issue faced by many Android users when trying to download apps, update existing apps, or manage subscriptions on the Play Store.

The “Something went wrong” error essentially renders the Play Store app unusable, preventing you from seamlessly accessing its features. While the error message itself is vague, the inability to use the Play Store can be very disruptive.

The good news is that this error can be fixed with some simple troubleshooting steps. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the various causes behind this error and provide actionable solutions to resolve it.

Key Takeaways:

  • The “Something went wrong” error on the Play Store is often caused by network problems, issues with your Google account, outdated app versions, date/time mismatches, corrupted cache, etc.
  • You can fix the error by checking your internet connection, Play Store server status, re-adding your Google account, updating date/time settings, force stopping the app, clearing cache and data, uninstalling updates, and factory resetting your device.
  • Correcting date/time settings, keeping apps updated, maintaining a stable internet connection, and regularly clearing cache can help avoid this error.
  • If the solutions don’t work, you can directly contact Google Play support or perform a factory reset as a last resort.

Let’s get right into the details!

Causes of “Something Went Wrong” Error on Play Store

Before learning how to fix this pesky error, it is important to understand what causes it in the first place. Here are some of the most common reasons behind the “Something went wrong” error message on the Play Store app:

  • Slow/Unstable Internet Connection: Insufficient internet access prevents the Play Store from connecting to Google servers. This could be due to weak Wi-Fi signals, mobile data issues, using VPNs/Proxies, etc.
  • Problems with Google Account: Any issues with your Google account credentials can lead to authentication errors on Play Store. This includes changing passwords, multiple accounts on the device, etc.
  • Outdated Play Store App: An old version of the Play Store app may be incompatible with latest Play Store features causing something to “go wrong”.
  • Date and Time Issues: If date and time settings on your device are incorrect, it can disrupt Play Store functioning. Time zone mismatches are a common cause.
  • Corrupted Cache/Data: Over time, cache and app data gets corrupted. Clearing cache/data fixes software issues causing errors.
  • Android OS Issues: Glitches in Android system software or services like Google Play Services can trickle down to the Play Store as well.
  • Server Outages: During Google server outages, the Play Store goes down temporarily. While rare, it leads to the “Something went wrong” message.

Now that you know why this error occurs, let’s go through the step-by-step solutions to fix it.

Fix 1: Check Your Internet Connection

The first thing to check when you see the “Something went wrong” error is your internet connection. The Play Store requires a stable internet connection to function properly.

Follow these troubleshooting steps to fix any network-related issues:

  • Restart your Wi-Fi router if connected to Wi-Fi. Also toggle Airplane mode on and off on your device.
  • Check mobile data if you face the issue on cellular data. Turn it off and on again.
  • Forget the Wi-Fi network and reconnect if connected to a saved network.
  • Reset network settings on your Android device from Settings > System > Reset Options > Reset Wi-Fi, mobile data, and Bluetooth.
  • Check Play Store app permissions and make sure it has access to cellular data and Wi-Fi.
  • Use a speed testing site like Fast.com to confirm internet speed on your device is adequate (5-10 Mbps).
  • Disable any VPNs or Proxies that might be interfering with your connection.
  • As a last resort, restart your device to refresh all connections.

Following these network troubleshooting steps should resolve any internet-related causes of the Play Store error.

Fix 2: Check Play Store Server Status

Sometimes, the “Something went wrong” message appears due to temporary outages or downtime on Google Play Store servers. When the servers go down, the Play Store app throws an error even if everything is fine on your end.

You can check the real-time status of Google Play Services here.

If the Dashboard shows a service disruption or error, there’s nothing much you can do but wait for Google to fix it on their end. The Play Store should be up and running once the servers are back online.

However, if the status shows no errors, move on to the next methods to troubleshoot the problem on your device.

Fix 3: Remove and Re-add Google Account

The Play Store is intricately linked to your Google account. Any changes or issues with your Google account credentials can cause Play Store problems.

If you recently changed passwords or have multiple Google accounts signed-in, try re-adding your account on the Android device:

  • Go to Settings > Accounts, and remove the problematic Google account.
  • Next, add the same Google account again and sign-in using the correct password.
  • If you use two-factor authentication, make sure to complete device verification.
  • Once re-added, open the Play Store app and check if the error persists.

Re-adding your Google account forces a refresh of Play Store data linked to the account. This resolves any credential issues that may be causing the “Something went wrong” error.

Fix 4: Check Date and Time Settings

Another simple but often overlooked reason for the Play Store error is incorrect date and time settings on the device.

Follow these steps to verify date and time configuration:

  • Go to Settings > System > Date & Time
  • Make sure Automatic date & time and Automatic time zone are switched on.
  • If they were set to manual mode, change to automatic mode.
  • Toggle Use 24-hour format if time format was set to 12-hour previously.
  • Restart the device for changes to take effect.

The Play Store relies on precise date-time information from your device to function normally. Any mismatched time zones or incorrect formats can manifest as something that “went wrong”.

Fix 5: Force Stop the Play Store App

Force stopping the Play Store app ends all processes associated with it. This forces a clean restart of the app, clearing up any corrupted files or errors.

Here is how to force stop Play Store:

  • Open Settings > Apps > Google Play Store
  • Tap the Force Stop button and confirm.
  • Alternatively, go to the app info screen for Play Store. Tap Force Stop here.
  • Now, open the Play Store app again and check if the error still shows up.
  • Force stopping clears temporary glitches, allowing Play Store to run normally when reopened.

If the error continues even after force stopping the Play Store, move on to the next solution.

Fix 6: Clear Cache and Data

Over time, cache and app data stored by the Play Store can get corrupted and cause issues. Clearing cache/data erases these temporary software files and fixes such errors.

Note: This will sign you out of Play Store. Make sure to back up data before clearing it.

Follow these steps to clear Play Store cache and data:

  • Go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store
  • Tap Storage & Cache and then tap Clear Cache to delete temporary files.
  • To delete app data, go back and tap Clear Storage.
  • Confirm clearing cache/data when prompted.
  • Restart the Play Store app and check if the error persists.
  • Sign back into your Google account if you get signed out.

Erasing the corrupt cache/data forces the Play Store to recreate the temporary files afresh, thus fixing software issues.

Fix 7: Uninstall Updates

If your Play Store app was recently updated, bugs in the new version could be causing the “Something went wrong” error.

You can uninstall the updates as follows:

  • Go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store
  • Tap the 3-dot menu in the top-right and select Uninstall updates
  • In the prompt, confirm uninstalling updates to revert Play Store to factory version.
  • Restart the Play Store app and check if the error is resolved.

Uninstalling updates brings you back to the stable Play Store factory version eliminating any bugs in newer versions.

Fix 8: Factory Reset Device

If none of the above solutions work, the last resort is to factory reset your Android device.

Resetting the device wipes all data and removes any underlying software bugs causing Play Store errors.

Note: Backup important data before resetting your device.

To factory reset:

  • Go to Settings > System > Reset options
  • Tap Erase all data (factory reset)
  • On the next screen, tap Reset phone and confirm.
  • Once the reset is done, set up your device again and check if Play Store works.

This nuclear option erases any persistent glitches on your system leading to the “Something went wrong” message.

How to Prevent “Something Went Wrong” Error

While troubleshooting fixes the Play Store error after it occurs, there are some precautions you can take to avoid this issue in the first place:

  • Maintain a stable Wi-Fi or mobile data connection on your device.
  • Regularly update apps including Play Store to latest versions.
  • Enable automatic time zone and date to avoid mismatches.
  • Frequently clear the cache and data of Play Store and Play Services apps to prevent build up.
  • Use a single Google account on your device for seamless access.
  • Check for Android or Play Services updates and install them.

Following these practices will minimize the chances of facing “Something went wrong” errors on the Google Play Store.

When to Contact Google Play Support

If you have tried every solution in this post meticulously but the error still appears, it’s time to seek help from the experts.

You can contact Google’s Play Store customer support via:

  • Play Store app: Open Play Store > Tap Menu > Help & feedback
  • Online form: Visit Google Play Help Center and select the issue you’re facing.
  • Live chat: Start a live chat directly from Play Store help page.
  • Email: Send details about your issue to play-support@google.com
  • Phone: Call Google Play support phone number for your country.

Google Play customer support can look into your specific case, access diagnostic details and resolve persistent “Something went wrong” errors.

FAQs on Fixing “Something Went Wrong” Error

Q. Why does the Play Store show “Something went wrong” error?

This error occurs due to problems with your internet connection, Google account, outdated Play Store app version, incorrect date-time settings, corrupted cache/data, Android OS issues or Google Play server outages.

Q. Will factory resetting Android fix the Play Store error?

Yes, resetting your Android device to factory settings can fix persistent “Something went wrong” errors by wiping any underlying software bugs.

Q. How can I contact Google Play support?

You can contact Google Play customer support directly from the Play Store app, online form, live chat, email or phone.

Q. What are some ways to prevent “Something went wrong” errors?

Maintaining a stable internet connection, regularly updating apps, enabling automatic date-time, frequently clearing cache/data, and using a single Google account can help avoid this error.

Q. What should I do if force stopping Play Store doesn’t fix the issue?

If force stopping the Play Store doesn’t work, try additional steps like clearing cache/data, uninstalling updates, factory resetting your device or contacting Google Play support.

In Summary

The “Something went wrong” error on the Play Store can stop you from accessing apps on your Android device. By following the comprehensive set of troubleshooting steps in this guide, you can identify the exact cause in your case and resolve the issue swiftly. We hope these fixes help you get rid of this pesky error and enjoy seamless access to the Google Play Store once again!

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