How to Find and Change Your WhatsApp Phone Number

You've found the best place to learn how to change or find your phone number. The WhatsApp number you use is an important piece of data that's tied to your account. It is important to know how to update and locate this number in order for you stay connected with all your WhatsApp contacts.

Find Your Current WhatsApp Phone Number

Let's start by figuring out how you can quickly locate your WhatsApp number.

  1. Tap the three dots at the top right corner of WhatsApp.
  2. Click on Account Settings.
  3. You will find your phone number at the top of your profile, next to both name and photo

That's it! You can see the phone number that your WhatsApp account currently belongs to with just a couple of taps. What if you want to switch your WhatsApp number?

How to Change Your WhatsApp Phone Number

You may be required to update your WhatsApp number in certain situations:

  • How to get a phone with a unique number
  • Switching SIM cards or carriers
  • You want to change your WhatsApp number

WhatsApp allows you to easily change your number, while retaining your chat history and account information. Here's how:

  1. Open WhatsApp Settings
  2. Click Account > Change NumberHow to Find and Change Your WhatsApp Phone Number
  3. Please enter your old phone number and new oneHow to Find and Change Your WhatsApp Phone Number
  4. Click Done to verify the new number.

Now, your WhatsApp number has been updated. You will now be able to update your WhatsApp phone number.

Inform Contacts about Your New Phone Number

You can notify contacts of your new WhatsApp number after changing it. WhatsApp displays a list with contacts and groups that you can notify. You can select to inform all your contacts, or only certain people. Your contacts will receive a notification in chat that you have changed your phone number.

Update your WhatsApp number

It is easy to find and change your WhatsApp number. In your account settings, you can check your current phone number in just seconds. WhatsApp allows you to easily change your phone number without losing any of your chats or contacts. You'll never miss a message important from your friends, colleagues or family if you keep your WhatsApp number up to date.

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