How to Add a Spoiler Tag to Text and Images on Discord

Want to keep your Discord conversations exciting and engaging? Discover how to add a spoiler tag to text and images effortlessly. Whether you’re sharing a plot twist, a surprise party plan, or simply want to build anticipation, using spoiler tags adds an element of mystery to your messages. Stay tuned as we unveil the simple steps to make your content more intriguing on Discord, including spoiler text and images.

Key Takeaways

  • Use Spoiler Tags Wisely: Understand the purpose of spoiler tags on Discord to avoid revealing sensitive content unintentionally.
  • Engage with Text and Image Spoilers: Learn how to apply spoiler tags to both text and images to maintain a surprise element in your conversations.
  • Explore Manual Tagging Options: Experiment with manual spoiler tagging methods for more control over what content is hidden.
  • Be Mindful of Spoiler Mistakes: Take note of how to mark and correct spoiler tagging errors to ensure a seamless user experience.
  • Stay Versatile Across Platforms: Familiarize yourself with spoiler tag usage on both desktop and mobile platforms for consistent communication.
  • Opt for Disabling Spoilers When Needed: Understand how to disable spoiler tags on desktop if they are not suitable for your Discord server’s dynamics.

Understanding Spoiler Tags


Spoiler tags on Discord are used to hide text and images, revealing them only when clicked on. They serve as a way to prevent accidental spoilers in conversations.

Spoiler tags are crucial for concealing sensitive information or surprises within a chat. They allow users to control the timing of when certain content is revealed, ensuring everyone can enjoy the conversation without unwanted details being exposed prematurely, such as spoiler text or images.


  • Creating Suspense: By using spoiler tags, users can build anticipation and suspense in discussions by hiding crucial details until the right moment.
  • Enhancing User Experience: Spoiler tags improve the overall user experience by giving individuals the option to engage with hidden content at their discretion.

Incorporating spoiler tags into your Discord chats not only adds an element of mystery but also promotes respectful communication among users. The ability to selectively reveal information keeps conversations engaging and interactive, fostering a more dynamic exchange of ideas and opinions.

Text Spoiler Tagging Basics

Marking Text as Spoilers

To show spoiler content on Discord, users can easily mark text as spoilers by clicking the eye icon. This action hides the text within a tagged text box, ensuring that sensitive information remains hidden until intentionally revealed, acting as spoiler content.

Limitations of Code Blocks

While hiding text within code blocks is a common practice, it has limitations when used as spoilers. The content inside code blocks doesn’t provide the same visual impact as a text box, potentially reducing the effectiveness of concealing spoilers.

Manual Tagging vs. Markdown Syntax

Manually tagging spoilers with the eye icon offers a straightforward approach for users to hide content swiftly. On the other hand, utilizing Markdown syntax provides an alternative method to conceal spoilers by typing out specific commands. Comparatively, the /spoiler command streamlines the process further by offering users a quick and efficient way to mark content as spoilers without intricate syntax requirements.

Marking Images and Videos as Spoilers

To spoiler images or videos on Discord, simply click the eye icon next to the attachment. This action will conceal the content until users actively choose to view it. This feature is handy for sharing sensitive or surprising visuals without revealing them immediately.

When sharing a link on Discord, you can apply spoiler tags by enclosing the URL with vertical bars (||). This method ensures that the link remains hidden until clicked, preventing accidental reveals. By utilizing this technique, you can maintain an element of suspense or surprise when sharing links in channels.

Discord Server Invites Limitation

Unfortunately, Discord server invites cannot be concealed using spoiler tags. Unlike images, videos, or links, server invites are automatically displayed once shared. Therefore, it’s crucial to exercise caution when sharing server invites in public channels to avoid unwanted attention or influx of new members.

Manual Spoiler Tagging Methods

Markdown Syntax

To manually tag spoilers on Discord using Markdown syntax, simply enclose the sensitive information within double vertical bars. For instance, ||this is a spoiler|| would render as a hidden message until clicked on.

Markdown Syntax / How to Add a Spoiler Tag to Text and Images on Discord
Spoiler message

Typing /spoiler

Another method involves typing ‘/spoiler’ before a message to designate it as a spoiler. This action ensures that the content remains concealed until actively revealed by the recipient.

Typing /spoiler

Visual Indicator

When utilizing manual spoiler tagging methods, Discord displays visual indicators in the form of spoiler bars around the tagged messages. These bars serve as a signal to other users that the content contains potentially sensitive information.

Viewing Hidden Spoilers

Clicking Spoiler Boxes

To view hidden spoilers on Discord, simply click on the shadow box containing the spoiler text or image. The content will then look revealed in front of you.

Re-Hiding Spoilers

If you want to re-hide the spoilers, all you need to do is leave the channel where the spoiler was revealed and then return. This action will make the spoilers hidden again.

Respecting Others’ Spoiler Tags

It’s crucial to respect others’ spoiler tags on Discord. Avoid accidentally revealing them and spoiling the surprise for others. Remember, everyone enjoys a good surprise!

Correcting Spoiler Tagging Mistakes

Rectifying Errors

If you mark a message incorrectly on Discord, don’t worry. Simply rename the spoiler tag by clicking on the three dots next to your message. Then, select “Edit” and update the spoiler settings accordingly.

Importance of Double-Checking

Before sending any messages with spoilers, it’s crucial to double-check your work. One simple way to ensure accuracy is to preview your post before hitting the send button.

Apologizing for Mistakes

If you accidentally reveal spoilers to someone, take immediate action. Acknowledge your mistake and apologize sincerely. A genuine apology can go a long way in rectifying the situation and showing respect for others’ enjoyment of content.

Spoiler Tags on Mobile Platforms

Marking Text as Spoilers

To add a spoiler tag to text on mobile, simply enclose the text within vertical bars ||. This action will hide the content until tapped.

For converting embedded links into spoilers on mobile devices, wrap the link in vertical bars || to conceal it until interaction.

iOS vs. Desktop Platforms

On iOS, marking text as a spoiler involves selecting the text and tapping “Mark as Spoiler” from the menu that appears. In contrast, desktop platforms typically use a dedicated spoiler button in the chat bar.

Disabling Spoiler Tags on Desktop


To disable spoiler tags on the Discord desktop app, users can navigate to their user settings and make adjustments based on their preferences. Available options include disabling spoiler tags on click or having them disabled always.


  1. Click on your profile picture in the bottom left corner of the Discord app to access User Settings.
  2. In User Settings, select “Text & Images” from the App Settings menu.
  3. Scroll down to find the “Spoilers” section under Text & Images settings.
  4. Choose between the two available options: “On click” to reveal spoilers when clicked or “Always” to disable spoiler tags entirely.

User Role Requirement

Users can disable spoiler tags without any specific user role requirements. Any Discord user can access their settings and customize their spoiler tag preferences according to their needs.


You’ve learned how to effectively use spoiler tags on Discord for both text and images. From understanding the basics to correcting mistakes, you now have the knowledge to navigate spoiler tagging with ease. Remember to consider mobile and desktop platforms when using spoiler tags and always double-check your settings.

Now that you’re equipped with these skills, go ahead and start implementing spoiler tags in your Discord conversations. Practice makes perfect, so don’t hesitate to experiment with different types of content and spoiler tagging methods. Keep your fellow users engaged and intrigued by mastering the art of spoiler tagging on Discord!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do spoiler tags enhance user experience on Discord?

Spoiler tags create an element of surprise and excitement by allowing users to hide text, images, or links. This feature adds a layer of interactivity and engagement to conversations, making interactions more dynamic and intriguing for users.

Can I use spoiler tags on both text and images in Discord?

Yes, you can use spoiler tags on both text and images in Discord. By using the spoiler tag feature, you can hide sensitive information or content that you want to reveal only when the user chooses to view it, adding an element of suspense to your messages.

Is it possible to disable spoiler tags on desktop?

Yes, you have the option to disable spoiler tags on desktop if you prefer not to see hidden content automatically blurred out. By customizing your settings, you can choose whether or not you want spoiler-tagged content to be revealed immediately upon opening a message.

How can I correct a mistake in applying a spoiler tag?

If you make a mistake while applying a spoiler tag, simply edit the message containing the incorrect tag and adjust it accordingly. By clicking on the spoiler-tagged content, you can easily make corrections or remove the tag altogether to ensure accuracy in your communication.

Are there different methods for manually applying spoiler tags in Discord?

Yes, there are various manual methods for applying spoiler tags in Discord. Whether you are tagging text, images, videos, or links, understanding these manual techniques allows you to have precise control over what content is hidden until intentionally revealed by users.

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