How to activate Zenith Bank *966# USSD Code (2022)


This post will show you how to activate Zenith Bank *966# USSD Code and how to use it for various banking transactions.

What Is Zenith Bank *966# USSD code?

The Zenith Bank *966# USSD code is a unique code that allows you to perform a number of banking transactions on your mobile phone. The *966# code is valid and works on all networks in Nigeria. It can be used to:

  • Transfer money to another Zenith bank customer
  • Recharge a line or buy airtime for an MTN line at any time, without going through any hassle of visiting the nearest branch or ATM machine. You can also use it for online purchases if you have an internet connection. Just key in *966# and follow the instructions given using voice prompts and SMS confirmations from your phone, which makes everything very convenient!

How to activate Zenith Bank *966# USSD code

Zenith Bank USSD Code is a USSD code that can be used to check your account balance, transfer funds and recharge airtime.

To activate the Zenith Bank USSD code, you will need to dial *966#

How To Check Your account balance on your phone with the Zenith Bank *966# USSD code

To check your Zenith bank account balance on your phone with the USSD Code, follow these steps:

  • Dial *966#
  • Choose ‘5’ and then press send.
  • Press reply, then type in your PIN (PIN you set when activating USSD).
  • Then wait for SMS of your Account Balance details.

How to recharge airtime directly from your Zenith bank account with the USSD code.

  • Dial *966#
  • Select 2 for Airtime or 3 for Data.
  • Select 1 or 2 for Self or Third-party Recharge.
  • Enter phone number in the next screen (if you select 2).
  • On the next Screen, enter amount if its an airtime or select preferred Data if it’s Data. Then Enter your PIN to Confirm.
  • Also dial the USSD Code straight. Dial *966*Amount*Phone Number# e.g. *966*1000*08123456789#.
  • For Self Recharge, Dial *966*Amount# from your registered Phone Number.

How to transfer money from your bank account Using Zenith USSD Code.

  • To transfer funds from your bank account to any mobile number, dial *966# and press call. Then select option 1 for transfer funds.
  • Next, select option: 1 to Send to Account Number.

2 to pay with PhoneNumber

3 to Send to Merchant ID.

  • In the Next Screen, Enter the account number and press Send.
  • Then Select Bank, choose others if your Bank did not appear. Now, Enter your PIN to confirm the transactions.
  • You can also dial this code direct. Dial *966*Amount*Account number# e.g. *966*5000*22224444333# and then select Bank. Enter PIN to Confirm.

Note: You can only send maximum of 20000 Naira using PIN, to send more you need Card or Hardware token.

You can now transact on Zenith Bank USSD by activating this code.

USSD codes are a series of digitized numbers that allow you to transact on Zenith Bank USSD. You can now activate your USSD code by dialing *966#.


We can all agree that banking transactions are made much easier with the advent of USSD Codes and we will be glad to know that Zenith Bank has not been left out.

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