GOS update distribution begins in South Korea from Samsung

According to sources, 's Game Optimization Service was intentionally slowing app performance on some of its devices, including the new Galaxy S22 series flagships. Geekbench banned the last four generations of Samsung Galaxy S phones because over 10,000 apps, including those from Samsung, were affected while benchmark platforms were not.

According to a Samsung statement, GOS was created in an effort to extend battery life on the company's phones, and consumers will be able to select performance priority mode in an upcoming software update.

Galaxy S22 owners in are currently receiving the update, which includes a changelog (machine translated) stating that CPU and GPU performance restrictions have been disabled for games. Also included in this version is the March security patch and a Game Performance Management Mode.

A gradual roll-out of the upgrade is planned to take place over the next few weeks. We're also expecting a similar upgrade for earlier Galaxy S devices.

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