Google to launch Pixel Watch 2 this autumn

This fall, Google may release the Pixel Watch 2 alongside the Pixel 8 phone family. According to a 9to5Google source, the wait for a Pixel Watch sequel may not be as long as the original. Google typically unveils its new flagship Pixels in October, and the company teased the first smartwatch at I/O last year. There’s not much information available, but it’s possible that Google may repeat the pattern at this year’s event.

Compared to the Apple Watch and other Wear OS watches, the current Pixel Watch is lagging in efficiency due to its 2018-era Exynos 9110 system-on-chip. A new SoC could improve battery life and performance. Google might also take advantage of newer health sensors from Fitbit devices, like the Sense 2. With only one 41mm case size available, a larger model could be introduced for those who prefer bigger timepieces. Despite the lack of details, there is certainly room for improvement with the new Pixel Watch.

According to pre-release Android 14 code, it seems that Wear OS might use the adaptable Material You color theming found in Android 12. Additionally, Google has yet to activate crucial health metrics, such as oxygen saturation and overnight skin temperature, on the present Pixel Watch, although they may not necessitate new hardware. Regardless of whether the rumors are true or not, there are high expectations for the Pixel Watch 2’s release. A prosperous sequel could not only fix the flaws of the original Pixel Watch but also stimulate other smartwatch makers to improve their products. Google’s wearable gadget is intended to be a showcase that raises interest in Wear OS as a whole.

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