Google Meet Fights Annoying Echos With These New Features

Everyone knows that one individual in the room who's so loud that they drown out everyone else. To prevent creating an echo for everyone else, has revealed that it plans to inform you when you are about to produce one. That individual won't need to know what's happening in your meeting as you can no longer halt the proceedings for the individual to become updated.

has attempted to improve the echo with their software by regulating the audio and deleting it. No matter how hard Google tries, some echo is unavoidable. Google Meet has released a new update, which will tell you if anyone on the call hears an echo from your system when you are speaking.

The software will alert you if there is the possibility of others overhearing an echo in the future. You'll see a red dot appear on the more options button to warn you of this. We will also notify you through text message when there is a problem.

The notification will direct you to a Google Meet support page that will show you the measures you should take to eliminate the echo.

If you're struggling to stop the echo, or just don't want to speak, you can always mute yourself.

It's a painful experience to attend a meeting, only to find out after it's finished that you were the only one who suffered through the long session. If you're aware of the echo beforehand, though, you can at least stop it, which will spare everyone else the mental anguish of pretending to be entertained by a boring presentation.

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