Google Japan is teasing the hues of the upcoming Pixel 7 with some strange yet tasty chips

An unexpected and delectable marketing campaign for 's new 7 series has launched in .

Snow Cheese is the white (Snow) version, Hazel Onion is the dark sage/olive (Hazel) color, Salty Lemon is the yellow (Lemongrass) variant, and Obsidian Pepper is the black (Obsidian) variant, all of which are teased in the advertisement as potato chip flavors.

To have a shot at winning one of 2,000 boxes of these genuine chips, Japanese citizens have until this Friday, the 23rd September, to enter the #GoogleChips competition.

Google Pixel 7 Chips

On October 6, Google will release the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, which will include the new Tensor G2 CPU, a redesigned Visor design with metal instead of glass, and the Pixel Watch.


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