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Google is Developing a New Iteration of Its Tensor Processing Unit

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According to a report by 9to5Google, the Pixel 6 family’s source code contains an interesting reference. The codename “Cloudripper” appears to refer to a second-generation Google Tensor SoC.

Cloudripper, according to the research team, is neither the name of the chipset nor the model number of the Pixel 7 that will be released next year. This is most likely the platform’s codename, as the chip’s model number is “GS201.” That’s in comparison to the current Tensor SoC model name “GS101” of the SoC family.

Consider the possibility that Google is already working on a Tensor replacement. After all, R&D efforts rarely end with the creation of a single chip. The first generation Tensor appears to be doing a good job, so this could be the beginning of a long line.

Via GSMArena
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