Google has said that it will be switching users from the Assistant and Calendar reminders to the Tasks app

Reminders are a longstanding feature of Google Assistant. It will notify you at the time you specify, and you may even have it remind you at regular intervals. Later, Google Tasks was released with the same features, but it was cumbersome to manage your many reminders.

In its most recent post to its The Keyword blog, Google revealed its plans to switch all users’ reminders over to Google Tasks. The Google Tasks app will soon be the central hub for seeing, organizing, and managing reminders made using Google Assistant and Google Calendar.

Google tells us that a message in Gmail can be turned into a task, that a task may be added in Google Chat, and that a task can be made in Google Calendar. This holds true for both the mobile apps and the web-based versions of Google’s offerings.

Eventually, “in the coming months,” a pop-up notification will appear on your phone or computer when you create a new reminder using Google Assistant, suggesting that you also create Google Tasks. If you haven’t already done so, your Assistant reminders will be transferred to Tasks at this time.

On the desktop, you can access Google Tasks in Gmail, Calendar, Chat, or Google Drive. On iOS and Android, you can use the dedicated Google Tasks app.

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