Google has released the third beta version of Android 13 with a number of bug fixes

We are reaching the end of the month and Google has released a third build for its Android 13 Beta 3. Due to the severity of the problems in this month’s beta build, Google has sent not one, not two, but three builds to beta testers in order to address key fixes.

Android 13 beta 3.3 is simply aimed to patch issues and does not bring any new features. Some of the issues that have been addressed include a collision between the keyboard and the launcher, and a bug where actions like swiping “back” would cause the UI to crash and ruin the beta experience.

Both the fault that prevented Pixels from connecting to recognized Wi-Fi networks and the one that caused them to freeze when plugged in to power have been addressed. Additionally, issues with “Connectivity Thermal Power Management” that resulted in erratic operation and short battery life have been addressed.

Since the June Beta 3 is a “Platform Stability” milestone on Android’s timetable, since it was not immediately attained, multiple updates have been delivered this month. To ensure that their apps, SDKs, and libraries are fully compatible with this version, developers should begin doing so.

There is currently no definite release date for the public builds, although Beta 4 is slated to appear in July. Android updates for Google Pixel devices often roll out in the weeks leading up to the October release of new handsets.

The Beta 3.3 update for Pixel devices should be available now. If you are using the beta, please update to help us fix these issues.

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