Google has released the first beta of the Android 13 Q1 Platform Update

Even though 13 is no longer in development, is releasing another another beta for those who really missed testing new features. It's time to board the QPR1 Beta 1 train if you're a beta fan.

Let's take a moment to break that down. When it becomes available in December, it will be referred to as the December “feature drop,” and is officially known as Android 13 Quarterly Platform Release (QPR)1 by Google. Anyone interested in trying out “new platform improvements, bug fixes, performance optimizations, and the September 2022 security patches” can download the first beta of Android 13 QPR1 right now from Google's developer website.

Regrettably, the company has not provided a full changelog, therefore it is still unknown whether or if there are any significant new user-facing features included. The Pixel 4a, 5a, 6/6 Pro, and 6a are no longer supported, however you can enroll your Pixel in the Android Beta Program and take part in this beta. After that, within the next day, you should get a firmware update that includes Android 13 QPR1 Beta 1.

You will automatically receive the QPR1 Beta 1 and any subsequent betas if you were enrolled in the Android 13 beta and did not opt out. You can keep all of your data on the phone if you don't want to participate in the Beta Program and don't apply the upgrade. The only way to revert back to the stable Android 13 release if you decide to leave the program after installing Beta 1 is to erase all of your data and reinstall it from scratch.

The build number for this first beta is T1B1.220819.007 for the Pixel 6a, and T1B1.220819.006 for all other devices.

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