Google has now made an announcement on updates to Gboard, Nearby Share, Wear OS, and Google Meet

Google has announced this month’s upcoming Android updates. Gboard, emoticons, and an improved accessibility system are just a few of the features that have been upgraded. There is also interest in Google Share, Google Meet, and Wear OS.

There will soon be a “emojify” button on Gboard that allows you punctuate your messages with emojis. GBoard beta users can check this out right now!

The Android version of Emoji Kitchen, which allows you to combine existing emojis to make new ones, has recently been updated with a number of new mashups, many of which are seasonal or otherwise appropriate for the upcoming autumn.

A new live sharing function has been added to Google Meet, allowing users to watch videos and play games while chatting online. Certain people in a Google Meet call can now be marked with pins. These are currently being released.

“over the next few weeks,” an opt-in choice will be made available to Nearby Share. Because of this, you can share material from your Google account with adjacent devices without being prompted to do so, even if the screen is turned off. Google’s tablet-friendly apps will feature widgets that are suited for larger screens.

Android now has two new accessibility capabilities that can help the deaf and the blind use the operating system. When activated, Custom Sound Notifications monitors the user’s surroundings for predefined sound cues, at which point it provides feedback in the form of vibration, a flashing light, or a Wear OS notification. Water running, a baby crying, a dog barking, a smoke alarm going off, or a custom sound can all be recognized by it. In response to the needs of the visually impaired community, Google TV has added a handpicked collection of audio-described movies.

The new Bitmoji watch faces are a welcome addition to Wear OS, and the Google Keep tile makes it much simpler to instantly dictate a note or peruse your previous notes on the go.

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