Google has announced that they would be retiring Hangouts in favor of Chat

Google Chat will be replacing Google Hangouts, as stated by Google Workspace. The company admitted it would stop supporting Google Hangouts on the web and move users to Google Chat.

Earlier this year, Google announced that Google Chat would replace Google Hangouts as its default messaging app. This change would affect anyone accessing Google Hangouts through Gmail’s website, the Hangouts mobile app, or the Hangouts Chrome extension. Google Hangouts will no longer be available after November 1, 2022, as announced today.

The organization promises to send Administrators an email with further details about data exporting and Vault updates. While most information will be transferred over to Google Chat automatically, some may be left behind; if this occurs, Google will let the relevant people know. A “single messaging system and greater integration throughout Google Workspace” was cited as the rationale for the change by the firm. In addition to allowing users to tag one another in chat, share GIFs and emoji reactions, and access Chat from within Gmail, the upgrade includes a number of other capabilities.

The update will roll out to all users of Google Workspace and traditional G Suite Basic and Business customers at the start of November. Users have until January 1, 2023 (PST, GMT-7) to use Google Takeout to save their chat history before it is permanently removed from Hangouts.

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